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Hi and welcome to our forum. We are currently looking for some good photoshoppers that could help us improove our forum. Please contact me on skype (nisako12) or pm me on the forum if you want to help us. Thanks


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Post by DuckMan on Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:32 pm

Okey As all the other forum even this one got rules.


1. Do not spam.

2. Do not flame others.

3. Please try to post your threads in the right section.

4. Do not advertise other forums/servers. You will get banned forever.

5. Do not post any material that is pornography or pornography-related.

6. Do not post, link to and/or upload files that are associated with warez or copyright infringement or child pornography. Please remember that you are responsible for everything that you post, and if action is taken by the authorities against this board your information (IP addresses, e-mail address, username, etc.) will be given to them. Assume responsibilty for all that you post, and expect action if it is against United States or International Law.

7. Treat others how you wish to be treated. Racism, homophobia, sexism and sexually harrassing posts were included in the licensing agreement that you accepted. Posts that are defamatory and are hurtful to other members will be removed in reasonable time, and the user posting will have actions taken against them. Images that are intended to offend will also be removed.

8. Show respect for the administrators. It isn't easy getting everything to work, so we ask that you be patient and do not show ill-will towards administrators. We're here to help you, and by showing malevolence towards us you will assure that you will not get any help.


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